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Monday, 5 December 2016

Back to Basics

Assalamualaikum and Hii

Kembali sudah menyambung perjalanan sebagai seorang pelajar. Tamatlah sudah percutian yang amat bermakna ini. Bermulalah subjek subjek killer sekiller killernya. Hahaha. Semoga dipermudahkan untuk sem 4 ni. InshaAllah. This post going to be my very first and last post for this semester rasanya. Sem ni memang packed gila dengan lab and report, so I guess memang akan berkuranglah masa untuk berblogging but no worries ada masa I'll be here ! Blogging is my passion. 

Okaylah ada masa sikit ni, nak ceritalah sikit. Tadi pagi ada Taklimat KPP and perjumpaan dengan PA (Penasihat Akademik). Taklimat macam biasa lah boring and sleepy. And the lepas habis taklimat adalah sesi berjumpa dengan PA. My PA tanya lah about the course registration and class. Habis tu miss briefing lah sikit pasal subjek part 4 . And guess what, Part 4 is the toughest among all the sem for civil and I was like I'm dead. Totally dead. Takut tu ada, tapi i am going to challenge myself, I want to prove I can do this. Yes I can ! (Sedapkan hati sendiri)

So rasanya tu je untuk harini. Thanks for reading cerita tergantung ni :p

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Simple Resume or CV for Internship


Assalamualaikum and Hii 

Okay so today I would like to share to you guys about how I do my resume or CV. It's requested by Beeha Azman , our blogger mate ;) So here is, how I do my resume or CV.

First of all, resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is basically a shorter, summary version of one's education, experience, skills and personal details. Anyway this is only my experience on how I do a simple resume for my upcoming internship.

What should be in resume :

1. Personal details

This is very basic which you should includes your full name your ic number, your address, your email, your number phone and any social media. Do not include something like your marital status or your birthday or whatever which not important. Just put important details of yourself.

2. Objective

This is what your purpose of your application.
Eg: To get position as internship student in your company in Civil Engineering Department and gain as much knowledge as I can.
Just an example, you may change to whatever you found good and to attract the one who reads your resume.

3. Education

Arrange your education from the highest to the lowest.
2015 - now
Diploma in .......
Cgpa :

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
Results ...

and so on.....

4.  Working Experiences

Elaborate where you work, duration, and your position. And explain in common what this position do.

5. Skills

This part you must be very brave to put whatever you can do. Promote yourself here. Be brave. And my suggestion if you apply as an engineer then think what company search to employed an excellent engineer.

6. Achievement

Be proud of what you have achieved. Anything you have achieved such as awards or anything.

7. Extra Curricular Activities

This is what you have joined in your past. Or maybe you are a president of a club or anything you joined.

8. Academic Referees

Okay this is for internship you need to put your Ketua Unit Latihan Industri or your Academic Advisor.

9. Your Picture

A very best picture of yourself. No selfie okay. A formal picture.

And yeah that's is how I do my resume. About the template, you can do depends on your creativity. Make it interesting. I give some examples of the templates for resume. You guys can just type Creative Resume Template on google for more !


Hope this can help you ! Good luck everyone ! :D