Monday, 2 November 2015

# Friends

Friends ?

Assalammualaikum Warrahmatullah Hiwabarakatu 

Friends ? Everyone have friends . Dari tadika and till university and even in work . This life process will never be skip . What is actually i wanna tell you guys is kawan ni senang nak dapat , yang susah is nak cari yang betul betul truly nak kawan dengan kau . You know what , i've been cheated by backstabber and it's hurt and you even coudn't imagine how you gonna face the thing is . Sepanjang aku hidup , aku memang tak hadapi kesusahan nak cari kawan , but how to make they stay is hard . I can make friends everywhere i go , but i never get the real one . And this make me learn to be more careful of people i trust because yes , i trust people easily . But they broke me , and make me to be a new person which not easily trusting people and this gonna me a weird girl . Yes . 
Now , I'm in a process of knowing some girls and i hope this is the real one . Dah penat dengan semua ni . Even i know it's gonna be so hard after this , but i hope it's end here . fuh ed , you gonna face a really hard one of finding your true love . well . redha je lah . what can i do ? ahh what ?! I just say it . Shuh . Don't mention about love ahaks . It's not the time yet okay . Focus focus . Boys nowadays cannot be trusted . So good if you have one . Congrats then hehe . 
Okay guys . That's all . Thank you for lending your eyes to read this :p
Assalammualaikum , 


  1. "people only appriciate when it's become memories"
    haha , kawan yang memang boleh dibanggakan sebagai kawan bila even kita dah separated , dia masih cari kita lagi . well, that's true friend :)

  2. @Liyana yes , but it is hard to find that kind of person . i hope i gonna found for at least one :')

  3. kak ed, i've faced this problem so many times. when im sixteen (now), i just realized that there is no bestfriend in life. bestfriend does not exist in my life dictionary. ive lied by so many people in my life which at first i thought they were the real friends. most of them were backstabbers.

    believe me,
    dont trust anyone except your mother


    1. kan it hurts so many times . akak pun memang dah susah nak percaya . Sebab depa ni depan baik belakang hmm


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