Saturday, 26 November 2016

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5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Assalamualaikum and Hiii

Oh hi everybody. Yeah it’s been a week I’m not writing so yeah I’m back. Here is it. This idea was inspired by one of my blogger mate ( can ah ? ) It is Azreen Sofia on her newest post. Let’s get started !

1. I don’t text first

I don’t text first. With whoever girls or boys or whatever gender you are, I don’t text first. I will not be the person who start the conversation yeah I am an ego person. But who cares. But wait. Unless I have super duper important things to be discuss. Then I will be the one who text first.

2. Easy get bored with other people/things/others

Well, I am a person who is easily get bored to people or things or whatever. Actually depends on the situation. I cannot stand things long. For example, if I am chatting with someone, I easily get bored. Even they have the topics but I still cannot stand long. I don’t know why I just can’t. I like new things for each of my day. I like something different. Nah who going to be my husband gonna finds this is hard, he needs to have brilliant ideas to cheer me up each day okay each day *evil laugh* Who could stands, he wins!

3. I never wear heels

I am now 19 and in a month I will turns 20 and !!!!! I never ever wear heels !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. I don’t know but to me this is awkward for a teenage girls who never wear heels because in this age I think it’s necessary for us to wear heels at least for 2 inch heels. But yeah I never wear heels. That’s the fact. I use to wear sneakers, sport shoes and sandals. Yup.

4. Loving sister

Ohyeah I must admitted this. People will see me I am very harsh towards my sisters. But actually I love them so much. I give them whatever they ask. I always give them moral support. But yes I never say directly to them I love them. Even I did not do this to my parents but I do. I do love them very much!

5. Fierce girl

Last but not least, okay, which this is people not going to believe because what they see me in physically, I am kinda a soft person and very kind. I talk properly and very soft. Which with people that know me better will always say “Garang do kau ni” Yes I admitted I am kinda a fierce girl. I actually cannot (sometimes lah) control my anger when I am in stressed mood. Which I will became a lion or a tiger. But not everytime.

Okay yeah, So this is all 5 things you don't know about me. How about yours ?


  1. omg we were in the same boat.(no 5)
    People often think that i am such a soft-hearted person, gentle and moderate, but they dont know that i can even turn to a mad lion if my mood is unstable, which makes them scared to death seeing me like that. I find that this is funny on how people judge my character. Only my closest+bestest friends/family know me well.

    1. Yes exactly!! Same situation! I do look very soft but I didn't! Hahaha.

  2. I only wear heels when I was in if not, I wouldn't even. And I do get bored easily too! I can't stand doing nothing or staying at one place for a long time :') It makes me itch lol.

    1. I don't like heels. Hahaha. Mungkin belum matang lagi hahaha. Yeah same goes here !


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